Our History

Since the earliest days of our nation’s history and even before Waterville has been a place where people have met to conduct business.

Long before Europeans arrived here, Native Americans from throughout the Maumee River Valley and Great Lakes Area held councils here at Roche Waterville-Ohiode Boeuf, an outcropping of rock in the Maumee River that remains to this day. (The shape of the rock dictated its name: in English, Roche de Boeuf means Buffalo Rock.)

In fact, it was at Roche de Boeuf that legendary war chiefs—among them Little Turtle, Blue Jacket, and Tarhe the Crane—planned battle strategies against the armies of a very young America in the late 1700s.

In 1795, Issac Richardson decided to open a tavern here.  In 1828, John Pray built the Columbian House and opened a trading post, tavern, and inn within its walls. It later became a stagecoach stop.

In the nearly two centuries since, Waterville has been, in turn, a mill town, a port on the Wabash and Erie Canal, and a station on the old interurban railroad line that facilitated commerce throughout Northwest Ohio in the first third of the 20th century.

In the 1970s, our village became a destination for visitors enthralled by our history and architecture and charmed by the creations of a handful of artists who built studios and made their homes here.

Fast forward to the 21st century, and much has changed. Waterville is no longer a village, but a safe and friendly city.  Even though things have changed one this has not: Waterville is still an ideal location for people who want to conduct business.

  • Early Days

    Native American held councils at Roche de Boeuf

  • 1795

    Issac Richardson opened a tavern here.

  • 1828

    John Pray built the Columbian House.

  • 1970

    Waterville became a historical and architectural destination.

  • Today

    Waterville is continuing to grow and is an ideal for business.

Shop Waterville Area Merchants

Downtown Waterville is a great place to explore featuring a variety of shops and restaurants. Below is just a sampling of retailers located in Waterville.

Smoke & Fire Company

27 North River Road
Waterville, Ohio 43566
Phone: 419.878.8535

Dale’s Diner

34 North Third Street
Waterville, Ohio 43566
Phone: 419.441.0044

Third Street Blooms

122 Mechanic Street
Waterville, Ohio 43566


33 South Third Street
Waterville, Ohio 43566

Maumee Valley Rock of Ages

111 Anthony Wayne Trail
Waterville, Ohio 43566
Phone: 419.878.9030

Garden Smiles by Carruth

211 Mechanic Street
Waterville, Ohio 43566
Phone: 419.878.5412

105 South Third Street
Waterville, Ohio 43566

The Wateville Branch of the Toledo Public Library

The Waterville Branch of the Toledo Public Library is a hub of activity in Waterville. Located adjacent to Conrad Park, the Waterville Library features an outstanding and helpful staff, twelve public high-speed internet computers, a great dvd and video collection, story time for children, an extensive collection of fiction and nonfiction books, community book groups, meeting rooms and a great park just outside the door. The Library is a great resource for online information, inviting meeting space and is located in the heart of Waterville. Consider this resource next time you need a larger meeting place or a venue for presentations.

Hours of Operation
Monday & Tuesday: Noon – 8:30pm
Wednesday – Friday:  9am -5:30pm
Saturday & Sunday: Closed
Library phone: 419.878.3055
Website: www.toledolibrary.org

Churches in Waterville

Waterville is home to a variety of churches. Not only are they great houses of worship, they are all involved in serving the greater community of Waterville and beyond.

Waterville Community Church
8217 Dutch Rd
Waterville, OH 43566
Phone: 419.878.2297
Denomination: Non-Denominational

The First Presbyterian of Waterville
611 Farnsworth Road
Waterville, OH 43566
Phone: 419.878.2806
[email protected]
Denomination: Presbyterian

Waterville United Methodist Church
102 North 5th Street
Waterville, OH 43566
Phone: 419.878.3645
Denomination: Methodist

Zion Lutheran Church
22 North 2nd Street
Waterville, OH 43566
Phone: 419.878.0266
Denomination: Lutheran

Fallen Timbers Community Church
7215 Noward Rd. Waterville
Waterville, OH 43566
Phone: 419.878.8372
Denomination: Christian

River of Life Community Church
8353 Monclova Rd.
Monclova, OH 43542
Phone: 419.270.5552
Contact Person: Jeff Kistler

The Center for Conscious Living
7410 Noward Rd
Waterville, OH 43566
Phone: 419.878.3175
Contact Person: Connie Nuhfer

Trinity Church

8326 Waterville-Monclova Rd
Waterville, OH 43566
PH: 419-699-8548