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Shawn's Irish Tavern

Shawn’s Back Door opened in 1968 as a small neighborhood tavern. Known for good food, healthy portions and friendly service, Shawn’s continued serving the neighborhood with some modest changes to the interior décor until 2004. At that time, a major renovation doubling the existing space, to accommodate more patrons while adding more space to the back of the house for cold storage and food preparation.

Continued popularity of the concept leant it self to thoughts of expansion. In November 2009 Shawn’s Irish Tavern opened in Waterville, OH. The immediate success of the Waterville location and continued success at the original location, prompted thoughts of further growth. In 2012 our location on Bancroft & King opened, appropriately on St. Patrick’s Day March 17th.

As we look forward to celebrating 50 years of continuous operation under the “Shawn’s” banner our business philosophies remain the same, quality food, excellent service in a family sports bar atmosphere.

We are locally owned and operated and proud to be active members in the Toledo area communities that we live and work in.

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